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KLS Invisee is a new form of safety grille that provide safety for children staying in high rise building. It is made out of thin steel wire running through mounted brackets.

If you are staying at high rise building and have children, invisible grille is the best solution to give you peace of mind without sacrificing the aesthetically pleasing view. It protects your children from falling over high places, yet preserve your view unlike traditional metal grille.

Depending on material, the high tension steel wire used for invisible grille can withstand tensile force of 100-140kg, meaning it is equally
strong enough to substitute aluminum or iron bars in their accident prevention role.

The wire can be cut by special wire cutter. In case of a fire, fireman will have the tools to easily cut open the wire.

KLS Invisee is more suitable for children safety, and not suitable for theft and burglary prevention since it can be cut open.

No, our company use advance installation method to make sure the wire stay tight for years

KLS Invisee uses high quality materials and provide 10 years warranty. We will replace and reinstall if any wire are rusted within 10 years duration

Unlike traditional grille, KLS Invisee has no aesthetic and safety concerns during emergency, therefore 99% of condo managements allow it.

The price varies with square feets, different area, material used and installation method. The best way to find out is to schedule a FREE onsite measurement and quotation!

Just scroll down and click on the WhatsApp link by your area, or simple call us to book an appointment. 

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